What are the kinds of sports betting

There are different kinds of sports betting. Most people think only of the traditional form but due to sites such as Sbobetonline and other sports betting sites. These online sites have various spins on sports betting. There is play betting, fantasy sports betting, exchange betting and spread betting.

Play betting

Most of the sports betting sites such as sbobetonline offer play betting. These are popular for sporting events. This is a straightforward way of betting and in it the bets are placed while the event is taking place rather than before the event starts.

This kind of betting is also called as live betting. There are different kinds of bets that can be placed such as which team will score next or which player will score next. This way of betting is more thrilling and it allows the viewer to get involved in the game even more.


Exchange betting

Exchange betting is popular and it is almost like traditional betting but in this you do not place your bets with a bookmaker. Instead in exchange betting, you place your bets against others who are taking the opposite side.

Fantasy sports

This betting is for people who are very knowledgeable in sports. In this a fantasy team is created and then this team of players is pitted against other such teams that other players have put up. In this your money is staked on your team’s performance as against the opponent’s team.

Spread Betting

Spread betting consists of 2 types. The first is point spread and the second is more profitable but there is considerable risk in this type as you do not lose fixed amounts of money but based on the accuracy of the bet, the amount you win or lose will differ.

Due to all these kinds of online betting, the online betting industry is growing in leaps and bounds.

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